Goats and kids

Get to know our adorable Nigerian Dwarf goat Mia... her Buck Little Gem and her kids.

We are excited to milk Mia this season and use her milk to make Goats milk soap and goats milk cheese.   Once we get the hang of it, we may even have some soaps available for sale so check back in late Spring. 


Mia is a registered Nigerian Dwarf goat. 

Her Dam is Koza 501 Raven's song

Her Sire is Dill's PO Panda Bear

 Little Gem is our registered Nigerian Dwarf buck.

his Dam is Gitana Winged Heart

his Sire is Flat Rocks Sacred Scarab

His mom was an excellent milker so we anticipate him adding good things to our milk goats.

This is Lady Jasmine.  She is a purebred Nubian doe.   We are super excited about the potential in Jazzy and her sister  Lady Raven (picture below)

Jasmine and Raven are twin doelings from a triplet set.

Their Dam is Luv-a-Nub Tanya

Their Sire is Lonesome Doe Lord Aragorn

They have some awesome bloodlines behind them and we expect them to be excellent milkers as well as beautiful show goats.

We are planning to breed them with Little Gem for Miniature Nubian goats when they are old enough to breed.  Possibly breeding in November or December for Late Spring babies in 2011.

Mia is currently bred and due to kid very soon.  We had thought maybe in March, but now we're into April and she has not kidded yet.   Praying for doelings!