We have four beautiful Dexter cows, one lovely Jersey milk cow, a mini jersey bull and a 2 wk old bull calf...they are such sweet and friendly animals.


This is Rebel, our oldest cow, at only 2 1/2 years old, she is currently bred to a Jersey bull for a summer calf.

She is very curious about the camera....

And she absolutely adores range cubes... cow candy

This is Rain, she is a yearling Dexter heifer.  She was born 12/08.  This summer she will be bred to a Mini Jersey bull for a springtime calf in 2011.

Rain was not quite as friendly as Rebel when she first got here, but since the Jerseys arrived, she's found her courage and will take cubes from our hand and even let us pet her a time or two.  She's coming around.

We have two other Dexters that have not come home to our place yet.  Everytime we try to arrange their homecoming the weather gets nasty (rain and mud or snow).

This is Camilla, our precious new Jersey milk cow.  She is a mid size Jersey, so not as big as our previous Jersey, Zella. 

This is Todd, our very intimidating Miniature Jersey Bull.  Be careful, he'll lick the skin right off your arm!

And along with Miss Camilla, comes her half mini jersey bull calf/steer... the children named him Mr. Moo-ey.