Animals for sale

Reproducing is what Animals do best... and we can't possibly keep them all!

Goat kids

Belfair calves

Dexter calves


Kittens (always free)

As of JUNE 18th:

We have two adorable registered Nubian doelings for sale currently.

These two sweeties were born on May 14th, here at our place.  They have been disbudded and tattooed and are going to be wonderful show animals and milkers.

They are from some very nice bloodlines, including Lonesome doe, Saada, and Price O' the field.

Email us if you're interested.. and I'll be glad to tell you more about them.


MissT (Miss T-bone)  is a non registered Angus heifer (18mths old).  We bought her to help keep our Jersey milked out last year, but they would not cooperate, so that never worked well.   We never really could decide if we were going to keep her for beef or sell her to breed.   When she started warming up to us and letting us pet her, it was all over.   We cannot possibly eat her now, so she's being sold as breeding stock.

*****MISS T IS SOLD******


Maverick is a non registered Nigerian Dwarf Buck.  He is quite handsome and has really pretty markings as you can see.  He is available for $30.   He'd make a great yard cleaner ;)  but he also sires some beautiful goat kids.******Maverick is sold******