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My new blog is aim to provide you all important information concerning to the education and legal and judicial framework in Cambodia as well as in other country experiences. Hopefully everybody can assist me with comments and suggestions for improving information sharing...

Today the information sharing is new culture trend for every country in the world mostly for the developing country where most of the information had been kept as a secret since most of the developing countries used to be a communist system during the year 1980's.

Information sharing is very important for get to know each other and understand each other in both personal communication and professional communication for better improvement. I found out that the information sharing can provide us a better understaing and save a lot time and money.

In Cambodia, culture of sharing information has been said that it is a challenge for the Cambodian development. Since Cambodia passed so many years in the civil wars from 1950's to 1990's, the culture of sharing information was destroyed and most of the top elites people understood that " information is a power".