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Picture below - RTÉ Weather Photographic Competition, Winter 2010 runner up out of 5000+ entries 


Featured in the Irish National Broadcaster RTE 2010 Annual Report

Also featured on http://theshot.ie/daily.html - Irelands Photography Magazine - Sept 2011

RTÉ Weather Photographic Competition, Presentation in RTE 

RTE Weather Presenters Gerry Murphy & Karina Buckley (picture 1) & Audrey McGrath and Nuala Carey (picture 2) - Click here to see album (pictures courtessy of Kyran O'Brien)

Picture below - RTÉ Weather Photographic Competition, Winter 2011 finalist - Starling Mumeration

Comments on published books (http://www.blurb.com):

johnu says

Your work is masterful and one of the best on Blurb. It shows the artistry that many photographers strive to achieve. The glorious range of color, the kind and gentle perceptions of composition, the capturing of the decisive moments...mesmerizing. The photo of the cloud-hand tenderly holding the ray of light given from above is so very moving. 
Your work has honored the sanctity of photography. Congratulations!
John Ulatowski

knappogue says

Beautifully captured images, great composition. Appropriately titled book. Love your use of light and the variety of subject interest. My fav would have to be the tree in the snow, great use of rule of thirds. Keep up the good work............

Wow love the book. Favs have to be the girls in the Cathedral, the beautifully captured swan, and looking across the water at the city lights. Great work, makes me want to get my camera out NOW!!

brymel says

"MAN GENIUS"... fantastic works of art captured with clinical accuracy...well done and good luck with the book.

SionaG says

Fabulous shots that stir an emotion or 2 :)

Another great image book, also love the cathedral shot. Love the special dedication too!

Darach, thank you for the beautiful book of photographs, I am so thrilled with how you captured the night. I will treasure it always

Aldona-gtg says

It looks like you have found your passion. Excellent photos Darach! You have an eye for photography.
Waiting for more:)

wglennon says

Fantastic, good man you **** you. Lovely job.

Niamh Walsh - Wedding book on blurb says

The book is out of this world, it is fantastic!! Thank you so much.

Comments on photo shoots:

Stephanie Casserly says - 

Hi Darach,
oh my god, the pictures are amazing, thanks soo much! the effects and colouring is fantastic!
huge thanks, Stephanie

A talented photographer as well as a true gentleman to work with, Darach is the master of "spying light".  His inspired, original images result from his effortless ability to capture the most spontaneous moments with ease and humour....great photo shoot !

General comments:

It's a few days early but Ive been on the prowl for our photographer of the month. This person has been a great friend to the group, his photographs inspire and amaze In summing up this photographer - a favourite saying of mine comes to mind "we do not remember days we remember moments" and this photographer captures the very best moments and turns them into timeless memories....congrats to our photographer of the month Darach Glennonhttp://www.facebook.com/darachphotography
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Ironman 70.3 Galway:


Tri Athlete - Jan Van Berkel (aka The Berkelizer)  wins the Pro-mens event at Ironman 70.3 Galway: 


Tri Athlete - Mike Aigroz wins the Pro-mens event at Ironman 70.3 Galway:  http://mike226.blogspot.com/

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Tri-Athlete - Charisa Wernick from the US, 3rd in the Pro ladies race @ Ironman 70.3 Galway - 

"Great pics of the Ireland 70.3 race today :) thx!!Thanks so much for sharing your photos"  http://charisawernick.blogspot.com/

Irish Tri Athlete - Owen Cummins finishes third in the Ironman 70.3 Galway -  http://owencummins.com/2011/09/06/ironman-70-3-galway-3rd-place/

Check out Triathlete sports clothing provider Compressport website: http://compressport.uk.com/blog/
Check out Chanel4's Ironman 70.3 Galway programme - Darachphotography pops up here an there! http://www.channel4.com/programmes/triathlon/4od#3231514