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We are conveniently located in Walnut Creek,Ca.
Our tuition rates are much more competitive than in other Yoga tai chi qigong studios in the area. In Walnut Creek we have regular tai chi qigong yoga classes.We practice outside!
We invite you to try our workout. Please call us for the class schedule and walk in policy in Walnut Creek yoga tai chi qigong classes.
Yoga and Qigong are probably the oldest human cultures known to mankind.

Dao Yoga classes increase flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, balance hormones,

cleanse and flush all the internal systems of the body, calm the mind and reduce stress.

Our classes are non competitive and focus on safely progressing from easy to more challenging exercises.

Classes are suitable for all levels.

Ongoing Walnut Creek class schedule coming soon...
Please call to register for the class! Tel: (925)272-YOGA(9642)



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Joining Walnut Creek / San Francisco Yoga Tai Chi Qigong (Chi Kung) classes is entirely voluntary. Participants signing up for an event fully understand the risks and hazards associated with any indoor and/or physical activity, and freely accept and fully assume all such risks and hazards, and further agree to release and discharge the Organizer(s) from and against any and all liability arising from participation in the group activities. It is each participant's own responsibility to ensure that they are in proper physical condition to participate in the practice, and to consult their regular physician as necessary. Walnut Creek / Yoga Tai Chi Qigong (Chi Kung) classes is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, or treatment.