01.      Time limit for availing Paternity Leave.


02.      LND can be sanctioned even if Earned Leave is at credit.


03.      LND can be availed even if Earned Leave is at credit.


04.      LND cannot be adjusted against the future credit of EL.


05.      Except Casual Leave no other kind of leave can be granted for half day.


06.      Permissible period of CL can be availed continuously in the consecutive years.


07.      Combination of CL and RH in two successive years permissible.


08.      Combination of CL with regular leave, not allowed.


09.      Restricted Holidays can be combined/sandwiched between casual and closed holidays.


10.      Restricted Holiday can be prefixed/suffixed to any regular leave.


11.      Compensatory Holiday can be suffixed/prefixed to any kind of leave.


12.      Special Casual Leave cannot be sandwiched between two spells of leave.


13.      Special Casual Leave for Family Planning operation is to be availed following the date of operation.


14.      Special Casual Leave is not admissible for tubectomy operation undergone during maternity leave.


15.      While calculating Special CL, intervening holidays will also be taken into account.


16.      While calculating Special Casual Leave for undergoing for family planning, intervening holidays should

         be ignored.


17.      Medical Certificate not required for availing Maternity Leave.


18.      Maternity Leave to a female Govt. Servant who married a widower having two surviving children.


19.     Maternity leave can be granted from the date of its commencement and need not necessarily be

        with relevance to delivery.


20.      45 days Maternity leave on account of abortion/miscarriage admissible in the entire service can be

        availed on more than one occasion.


21.      Admissibility of maternity leave if married a widower having two surviving children.


22.      No Maternity Leave to a widow having more than two surviving children and remarried later.


23.    How many times the Maternity Leave could be availed?


24.    Maternity Leave for miscarriage/abortion taken prior to 16-6-1994 not to be taken into account.


25.    Leave in continuation of maternity leave in the case of temporary employees.


26.      Surviving children does not include step child for eligibility of Maternity Leave.


27.      Maternity Leave to commence from the date of confinement at the latest.


28.      Maternity Leave cannot commence after vacation when confinement was during vacation.


29.      Maternity Leave cannot be availed in installments.


30.      If the fitness certificate issued by the Doctor happens to be a holiday, that date deemed to have been

         suffixed to regular leave.


31.      MC need not necessarily be signed by the doctor on the date the Govt. servant fell ill.


32.      MC and FC not necessary from the same Doctor.


33.      AMAs nominated by CG local Co-ordination Committees can also issue medical certificates to

         Group “A” officers.


34.       Dies non’ period will not qualify for leave, increment and pension.


35.       Period of leave already sanctioned cannot be treated as `Dies-non’ subsequently.


36.       Transfer of leave from one organization to another, on permanent absorption is not permissible.


37.    Treatment of EL at credit on appointment from one Deptt to another after tendering technical resignation.


38.        Fraction of a day should be rounded off when crediting the EL.


39.      One who joins on the afternoon of the first day of a month is not entitled to EL for that month.


40.       Official has to join duty at the beginning of working hours of the office on expiry of Earned Leave.


41.     Leave once sanctioned/regularized by the competent authority, cannot be questioned/reviewed by

         any other authority.


42.      Conversion of leave is at the sole discretion of leave sanctioning authority.


43.       Study leave can be availed in different spells and can be combined with other kinds of leave.


44.       Overstayal of leave to be regulated as per CCS(Leave) Rules, 1972.


45.       Regularization of period of overstayal of leave.


46.    Leave encashment on the death of a Govt.Servant.


47.       No bar to pay Leave Salary advance for the month of March.


48.       Date of retirement on medical grounds.


49.       Leave encashment not admissible on dismissal.


50.      Withholding of pay for the period of absence.


51.    Drawal of increment falling due during holidays prefixed to EL.


52.       Drawal of increment during Holidays suffixed to EL.


53.        Increment falling during Casual Leave, to be drawn.


54.       Suffixing holidays to regular leave.


55.       Denial of prefixing/ suffixing of holidays for DDOs.


56.       Prefixing and Suffixing of Sunday/holidays not permissible while availing leave in continuation of

         Joining Time.


57.       Holidays cannot be sandwiched between leave and Joining Time.

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