Here you can find a list of classes offered at YWCA in Danville, VA. Join us!
  • An intellectual approach to martial arts. Learn to defend yourself against armed and unarmed attacks. Friendly and supportive instructor. All ages and levels welcome.
  • Sundays 2-4pm, Wednesdays 6-8pm, $50/month, twice a week 2 hours/each class.
  • with John Staley

  • Feel great and have fun with this dynamic fitness program set to Latin rhythms. It’s easy to follow so you may just forget you’re exercising. The rhythms alternate between fast and slow for fun resistance training that tones and sculpts your body as you burn calories.
  • Tuesdays at 6.45pm. Free with membership or $6 per class
  • with Donna Mehalko

Gentle Yoga
  • Everyone can do yoga! This class has a slow pace and focuses on building awareness in basic yoga postures. In this steady and informative class, movement and breath are combined to foster flexibility, relaxation, and self-awareness.There are standing, seated, and inverted postures. Gentle Yoga unites mind and body through a gentle but deliberate practice. Each class will include meditation at the end and is open to all ages, all levels.
  • Wednesdays, $10/class
  • with Natalie Sablina
  • Have questions about yoga? More information here: her website)
  • to register call Natalie (919)345-9648

International Cooking Class

  • every Tuesday or Thur 10am-12pm, 3-5pm
  • We will show you how to use Oriental ingredients at home that are simple, healthy, and delicious.
  • Interested? Call the YWCA or the instructor directly at (540) 529-7529

Belly Dancing
  • Tuesday evenings 5:30pm, Free with YWCA membership or $6 per class. Call to register.
  • with Donna Mehalko

Swimming lessons for children:
Monday-Thursday 4:30pm-6pm, $10/lesson. Call to register or ask for scholarship.

Here are the photos of our Studio room: