Welcome to the Danville Library Association which serves people of all ages who live in and around Danville, Iowa. 
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Our Danville Library Hours
MWF  2-5 pm  
Senior Citizens get the first hour from 2-3 pm.  All other patrons may use the library from 3-5 pm.  This begins on Wed, Sept 9, 2020.

COVID Opening Rules for the Library:
1.  Opening days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2-5 pm.  
2.  Senior citizens are from 2-3 pm and all other patrons are from 3-5 pm.
3.   Masks are required and are available.
4.  Computer usage is 30 minutes per day per person.
5.  Our time in the library will be less social than before.  No toys, puzzles, LEGOS, flannel figures, or games are out.  Come in, get what you need, and leave.  15-20 minutes would be good.
6.  Sanitizer stations are available and encouraged to be used.
7.  Two volunteers will be on hand to serve our patrons.  One to be the librarian and the other to be the floater to help with sanitizing, helping museum visitors, and dealing with returned materials.
8.  The indoor drop box will be used to quarantine materials and the outdoor drop box will be used to return materials.  
9.  Unfortunately, no in-person programming will be planned for this school year.  
10.  We will follow the Danville Schools opening plans.  If they cancel in-person classes due to COVID or inclement weather, then we close, too.

The Anne Frank Post Card Campaign to celebrate her 91st birthday on June 12 was different this year!  Since we could not gather as in years' past, we asked people to send in post cards in her honor.   Many were received and we encourage people to keep the cards coming!

Our eventual goal is 1.5 million post cards because Anne enjoyed collecting post cards and that is the number of children that were lost in the Holocaust.

The Anne Frank Post Card Campaign will be ongoing for generations!  

Nancy's Book Nook
The library is reopening on Wed, September 9th!  Senior citizens will get the first hour on MWF from 2-3 pm and all other patrons may use the library from 3-5 pm.  We will be closed T, Th, and Sat/Sun during these COVID times.  We have to allow time for quarantining books, extra library cleaning, and taking safety precautions.

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Monday, January 9th, 2017 was our opening day of our beautiful new library!  We are so grateful for all the people that have helped in so many ways to get the library looking so beautiful for our community!  That first week we had 40 patrons come into our very modern and new library!  These are some of our features:
  • new books, DVDs, audio books, magazines
  • new computers (7 total)!
  • Genealogy room  
  • copies available (15 cents for black/white copies and 25 cents for color copies)
  • monthly adult, teen, and children programming when we resume
See pictures of recent events on our library  Facebook page.