Our mission is to provide a network in which parents of children with special needs have access to relevant information, training and emotional support; and to encourage an atmosphere of effective communication, understanding, and mutual respect among all students, parents, educators and the community-at-large.

We're welcoming new members all the time, so if you're already a member and know somebody who might be interested in joining us, feel free to bring them to a meeting.  Sometimes parents of special needs children feel isolated, and it is our hope that we can provide a sense of community among our families.  Not only do PACs offer information, support, activities and resources to new parent members who join, but also, the more parents who become members, the more potential the PAC has to have greater impact in the district.


Check out our Calendar section for meeting dates and times, agendas, handouts, etc.  Some of these are also available in our Documents section.
PLEASE NOTE:  You don't have to have a child with special needs to come to our meetings--ALL parents are welcome!  Some of our topics apply to everyone.