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The Hobo Kingdom: A Chase of Blood on Steel
by Dan Biermeier (Goodreads Author)
Alyson's review
Mar 04, 16

it was amazing
Read from March 03 to 04, 2016

This book is not like anything I have ever read, it does not remind me of anything (I have lately found this to be a super rare trait). It is fast paced, the characters and their relationships (good and bad) are amazing well developed and very richly created. The story, at times a bit scattered, is interesting and unique -and makes you want to keep reading.

The lingo took a little getting used to, but it felt natural and really added depth and authenticity to the characters and the world Dan Biermeier created. Mostly dialogue, the characters' banter is entertaining and keeps the momentum of the plot moving forward.

I'm excited for more books in the series, but a little worried as that means none of the survivors from this book are necessarily safe. There was a lot of blood in this book, sometimes the plot veering shockingly off from where you thought it was going to go. But believably so, not just "twists for the sake of twists". Rarely have I found a book that was so original and so enjoyable.

What I REALLY want is for some studio to pick this up as a new tv series, because it would be outstanding (if they could find actors good enough to master the specific dialogue).

I received this book as part of the goodreads giveaways program.
Holy! Molly! There's Guts and Glory in the Hobo Camp tonight! And they're serving it up big!, January 18, 2016
This review is from: The Hobo Kingdom: A Chase of Blood on Steel (Volume 1) (Paperback)
Dan Biermeier's book, "The Hobo Kingdom: A Chase of Blood on Steel," gives the reader quite a ride. It's an action thriller that just builds and builds. By page two you're introduced to the two main characters: Glen and Denny. Within a chapter or two more, one of the boys' lives is changed forever, and the other's soon follows. Due to tragedy, both are pulled from the normal life of twelve-year-old boys and thrust into a world of adventure, tragedy, betrayal, violence, friendship and loyalty. Riding the rails, they are soon adopted by two groups of Hobos. Taught the Hobo code of ethics and way of life the boys soon abandon their old lives and help in the relentless pursuit of two homicidal maniacs: Two Trains North, a six foot six monster of a man, likes to crush heads and snap necks, while York, a teenage boy, prefers to work up front and close— slitting throats and impaling hearts with his straight-razor and "shiv." Both are very good at what they do, and don't hesitate in their work—leaving dozens of dead bodies up and down the line. Horrified with the carnage and the senseless killing, the two boys, and their new found friends, run the rail from one end of the country to the next in search of the mass murderers. Unfortunately, the line between the pursuer and the pursued often becomes blurred. Who will be next? Maybe Denny and Glen will "get theirs" in the end. Who can tell? I certainly won't. So, if you're not the squeamish type and you like a non-stop heart pounder every now and then, try this one on for size. It just may fit. It did me and quite well thank you. Nice work Mr. Dan. Now, hurry up and no dawdling with the follow-up. You hear!
I'd rather not have to call on Two Trains or York and have you sent—"westbound."
Fresh storyline!
ByS Clemon February 12, 2016
Wow. Now this book brings some different stuff to the fiction world! I very much enjoyed the author's writing style; he has a great way of capturing your attention and keeping you on the edge of your seat.
The two main characters are young boys. I always like adult books that feature children. It somehow gives much more depth to the story than one that is only about adults. I think it has something to do with children's simple and unburdened minds. Even in the midst of such a dynamic story, it is so interesting to have tweens as the main characters. Throw in lots of hobos, some military men, and you have a great book about life on the rails. That's an interesting aspect too. Not too many fiction books with that setting. This book definitely is gritty, so if you're looking for a puff piece, this isn't it.
I would definitely recommend this book to those with hunger for new and fresh fiction. I've not checked yet but I hope to find other books by this author in the future.

Stop what you are doing and read this book now
ByS. Follmeron February 15, 2016
Two young boys are the main characters on a terrifying journey that is their life. They have been "adopted" by fellow hobos and ride the rails. Set in the 1930's, this book gives you some insight into what it was like living life as a vagrants. It was a hard life then this story is filled with action as two crazy murders are on the loose. See how life in the rails could have been. Read to see who comes out victorious. This book was an easy but thrilling book and I loved it. I would love to see this book get turned into a series.