Book Description




 ‘A Chase of Blood on Steel’



At the end of the 1968 St Mary’s school year, a new sixth grader; Denny, gets transferred in from the public school and challenges Glen right off the bat. Within weeks Glen and Denny’s ordinary small town lives have turned crazy. People are dying. Mothers are crying and then the boys are gone.

Chance, tragedy and a rogue sheriff cast the boys separately onto the iron rails of the Great Northern Railroad. Now only a group of hobos can help one and an ex Korean war vet help the other. Strangers in the unknown realm of The Hobo Kingdom which grows more violent and macabre each day. This world hides killers that lust for liquor, sex and bloodshed while preying on fellow transients and those innocents who venture too close to the tracks.

Can the railroad gangsters be stopped? Join a group of vigilante hobos who vow to halt the chaos and avenge the victims in a ‘Chase of Blood on Steel’. Their goal is to bring order back to the railways and safety to those along the tracks.

But what about the boys? Climb aboard; the train is rolling, headed to the unseen territory of The Hobo Kingdom, but watch out. There could be blood everywhere.

“Throw Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn on the railroad with Robin Hood and his men. Add a bit of Jack Reacher’s vigilante soul then mix in multiple character viewpoints like ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ but no dragons and you have The Hobo Kingdom.”