Dan Biermeier - Author - The Hobo Kingdom Book Series

I was born very young and for a nanosecond was the youngest person in the world. I was then trained in the middle of America by love and laughter and work. After successfully escaping the middle, I spent a dozen years working around the edges, moving like a gypsy moth; alternately seeking and then flying from the light. Met lust and lost it, found Love and held on for dear life. Settled back in the middle for family and career, but am planning our next escape. Our children (trained by a master) have broken out of the middle. So each day brings Love and I closer to the leaving. Tick, Tick, Tick…we can’t wait. In the mean time I keep working and writing. I hope reading my stories is as much fun for you as writing them is for me.

Music I'm listening to while writing:
Since the first book is set in the late 1960's and the early 1970's, that is the music referenced in the novel and great music from my point of view. But that is not what is playing when I write; here is a small list of the music I am listening to while writing the second novel in the series; it's working title is 'A Race to the Crown of Steel' and I hope to have it available on Amazon by year end 2015. You will find that most of what I am currently listening to falls in the Americana genre as that is where my ears have been for more than five years.

Proven Winners:
Men Against Mountains - The Revivalists
The Light - Uncle Lucius
Something More Than- Jason Isbell
Southeastern - Jason Isbell
Trouble Will Find Me - The National
When We Were Wild - The Orbans
Self-Titled - Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers
The Future Happens Now - NQ Arbuckle (Or any of their albums)
Blackbird on a Lonely Wire - Will Hoge
Orb Weaver - The Parson Red Heads
The Arsonist - Rose's Pawn Shop
And You are Me - Uncle Lucius
Complicated Game - James McMurtry
Under the Wonderland - Counting Crows
Ramble on Privilege Creek - Statesboro Revue

A Chase of Blood on Steel - Hobo Kingdom: Book One

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A Race to the Crown of Steel - Hobo Kingdom: Book Two
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