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Title:  Each Tea Lasts An Hour 

Copyright:  © 2019 Dan Sullivan.
Medium: Original hand-built ceramic sculpture.
Materials: Stoneware, glazed and high-fired.
Size:  Approximately 25 cm (10") high.
Signature:  Engraved with the artist's monogram.
Certificate of Authenticity:  A signed certificate of authenticity is supplied with this artwork.

Price: £275.

Payment accepted by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal (see below).

Delivery:  Free delivery (within 2 weeks) to mainland Great Britain. For other locations, or earlier delivery, please contact me for a quote.


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Have you seen the old man, who walks the streets of London?

This piece is based on Ralph McTell's beautiful song 'Streets of London', in particular the following verse:

And in the all night café at a quarter past eleven,
Same old man sitting there on his own, 
Looking at the world over the rim of his tea cup,
Each tea lasts an hour and he wanders home alone.