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'In the Kitchen at Parties' (2016).

A Look at Life

This exhibition consists of original paintings created over the last 7 or 8 years to reflect modern times, family life and British society from my own unique perspective. Each picture is designed to tell a story - perhaps many stories, hopefully as many as there are viewers to look at the work and ponder.


Leisure, celebration, squalor, confrontation, families, neighbours, mealtimes, work and (a little bit of) sex - it's all here.


All the artworks are painted in acrylic on canvas, protected with three coats of varnish and individually framed in a carefully chosen moulding. They vary in size from small (12" x 10") to quite large (35” x 51”) and most of the images have also been reproduced as high-quality, signed, limited edition Giclée prints, either on paper or canvas.

More information about each piece can be found by clicking on the Paintings or Prints link below then selecting the picture you wish to look at in more depth.

'Nature Lovers' (2017).

 A Bit About Me...

I'm Dan Sullivan, I was born in London in 1950, brought up in Peckham and went to Waltham Forest School of Art. Since then I’ve travelled around Britain and worked in many fields, including 25 years as a fire-fighter and two spells of setting up and running contemporary art galleries.

I now live in Haddenham, Bucks where I spend a lot of my time painting, sculpting, making pottery and, hopefully, continuing to develop as an artist. I also work in clay (sculpture and pottery) at the Queens Park Arts Centre in Aylesbury (see below) and have the great privilege of exhibiting there again next September.

'Each Tea Lasts An Hour' (2019).

Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury
Click to check out this fabulous arts venue!


Love Art - Make Art

I recently made a series of short videos about art and artists - old and new, 2D and 3D, the famous and the less well-known (that includes me!) Click on the image above to watch a sample video, or click here to see my full videos page.

Dan Sullivan with 'Whoa, the Hokey Cokey' (2019).