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Something Wicked

'Something Wicked' (2017).

By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.

A few additions to my catalogue in the last 18 months or so... the first is 'Something Wicked', another take on the three witches from Shakespeare's Macbeth, now magically transported to a modern setting.

Outrageous, decadent, eccentric, a little menacing perhaps? Not the sort of people you'd wish to bump into down a dark alley one night. So next time you're passing the local scrap yard just check they haven't made their den within spell-casting distance!

Closely followed by...

Because there's nothing so relaxing as losing yourself in a good book.

'Book Lovers' (2017).

Carnival time!

Based broadly on my many visits to Notting Hill, but this could be any carnival anywhere. The costumes breathtaking, the rhythm non-stop, the booze flowing freely and the crowd just swept along. Everyone you see is a living work of art!


'No Don't Stop the Carnival' (2018).

Something a little quieter?

It's a wonderful game, Scrabble. Played at so many levels by such different people – old and young, experts and amateurs, deadly rivals and the closest of friends. Lovers even, or possibly would-be lovers...

'Cross Purposes' (2018).

Plastic Waste

Fills our oceans, fills our wallets, fills our lives...


New to Gallery - Canvas Prints

Many of my artworks (including several shown on this page) are now available as limited edition canvas prints. These are high quality giclée prints based on original paintings in the 'Look at Life' series featured here.

Each canvas is professionally made and stretched over a 40mm deep wooden frame. Edges are printed with mirror imagery enabling the work to be hung unframed or framed according to taste. 

Every design comes in 2 sizes, each forming a limited edition of just 50 hand signed and numbered copies. Please click here to see the print gallery.