Schooner Dory

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In 2006, I restored a dory owned by the Rings Island Rowing Club of Salsibury, Mass.  Not only did I restore it, but I converted it into a schooner for the 2006 Gloucester Schooner Races


My friend Joel Peck and I sailed down to Gloucester, Mass. from Joppa Flats at Newburyport, Mass.  In Gloucester, we were the "Little Dory that Could" docked next to the famous Blue Nose of Canada.  The races were postponed due to bad weather once, then finally held during a small craft advisory.  As a member of the smallest class in the race (19' to 40' schooners) at 19 feet, we struggled to keep up with the rest of the ships.  In fact, we only made one of four laps required for the race. 


We were rewarded with a plaque from the race committee for such hard work done by such a little schooner.  See photos of the plaque and photos of the race here.  See the results of the 2006 race here.


Messing About in Boats magazine published a story I wrote about our sailing trip down to the Schooner Festival.  You can read that story here!



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