Ipswich Bay 18 "Peggy Bliss"
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The Ipswich Bay 18:    A smooth-sided, 18-foot, performance sailing dory, reminiscent of the Swampscott type.  A beautiful light-air boat, this dory will also plane off the wind.  The Ipswich Bay is ideal for day-sailing with family or friends.

18' l.o.a. / 12.5' l.w.l. / 5' wide / 180 sq. ft. sail area / 22' mast

aluminum center board

See more photos of Ipswich Bay 18 "Peggy Bliss" on my wife's photo website: http://laurennoyes.com/Nautical/Ipswich-Bay-18-Peggy-Bliss/


 (above photo by Fred Thurlow, taken on the Parker River in Newbury, MA)


Ipswich Bay 18

     UnFinished Hull:    6,120 $

     Ready to Sail:       12,875 $

 Ipswich Bay 26

     Finished Hull and Rig, w/o Sails:    23,320 $

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