Banks Dory, similar to "Centennial"

Daniel Noyes:    Boat Design, Traditional Construction and Contract Repairs                                       

March 2013:  Maine Boatbuilders' Show, Portland, ME

Dan showed off a new Banks Dory he made for Chris.  Chris rows about 150 days of the year, and wanted a sturdy boat to take on his adventures.  Dan and Chris settled on a slightly modified version of the famous banks dory "Centennial."  They shortened the overall length by about 2 feet and the overall width by a few inches. 

This dory costs 6800$ as-is (ready to row).  Possible modifications include adding sailing capability, adding a motor, or changing the dimensions to accommodate user needs.  Please contact Dan for more information.

Chris's dory is made of pine (planks and bottom), plywood (garboard plank only), and white oak (frames/rails only).  There is a layer of fiberglass (cloth, system 3) over the bottom and garboard to prevent unnecessary damage.  For only a few hundred dollars more, pine could be replaced with cedar.

(more information coming soon!)


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