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A traditional dory from the North Shore of Massachusetts, the Alpha Dory.  The Beachcomber-Alpha dory rows well with one or two, is very dry and extremely seaworthy.  This large dory makes a great daysailer, rowing craft, camp cruiser and family boat.  Dan offers this beautiful dory in glued lapstrake marine plywood or traditional-built white oak and cedar.                        


                                                               photo by Lauren Noyes

 "The Beachcomber is a good boat to learn to sail in.  It is safe for youngsters in their early teens, but [still] is no toy.  With a full rig and a crew of three, hiked out on the rail, this boat will draw smartly to windward like a spirited colt."  (John Gardner, The Dory Book)


We have videos of the Alpha Dory "Spear" sailing! 

Alpha Dory Jibe   Alpha Reaching   Alpha Dory   Alpha Ghosts

(Find more videos on  Dan's Dories YouTube page)


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History:  The Beachcomber-Alpha design comes from an episode in American boating history that deserves repeating.  The Alpha Dory is a type of Beachcomber Dory, which had its heyday from 1900 to 1910.  Designed and built by William Chamberlain for the Beachcomber Club of Marblehead, MA, whence the dory took its name.  The same boat, with slight differences in rig, was adopted by the Alpha Dory Club of Salem, MA.  Now, only a few of these thoroughbreds exist intact.  An actual Alpha Dory from that time can be seen in the upstairs permanent boating exhibit of the Marblehead Historical Society (Marblehead, MA).  Dan Noyes, an experienced dory builder, took the design for the Alpha Dory straight from John Gardner's The Dory Book

(most of this paragraph is paraphrased from Gardner's book as well).


You may have seen Dan with the Alpha Dory "Spear" at:

2008, 2009 Gloucester Schooner Festival  (Gloucester, MA)

2008, 2009 Small Reach Regatta  (Brooklin, ME)

2009 Essex River Rowing Regatta  (Essex, MA)

2008 Antique and Classic Boats Festival  (Salem, MA)



August 2008:    Antique and Classic Boat Festival, 2008.  Dan and Joel won an award for the Alpha Dory "Spear:" 

"Best Hand-Powered Boat       S/V SPEAR     2008 Reproduction 1900s Alpha Beachcomber 21' Sailing Dory
          Built by Daniel Noyes and Joel Peck in Newbury, Massachusetts  

Owner, Daniel Noyes of Newbury, MA"


July-August 2008:    Dan Noyes and Joel Peck have just built an Alpha Dory.  They hope to sell it soon to someone who enjoys day sailing with friends and family.

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