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                                                                                      photo:  Ipswich Bay 18


photo:  Alpha Dory 21


Dan Noyes is an accomplished Wooden BoatBuilder on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  Following in a family tradition of boatbuilding, Dan practices his craft in Newbury, Massachusetts.

...more about Dan's Work History


*  N  E  W  S     F  L  A  S  H *   

Dan and Lauren went to the Small Reach Regatta again this year!  Nice to see you all in Blue Hill Bay, sailing on our friend Suzie's boat, Elyssa (thank you, Suzie!) 
                                                    ...we will post photos on Lauren's site
Dan and Lauren loved going to the Small Reach Regatta this year at Hog Island. Muscongas Bay was gorgeous, and the company was fun.  We enjoyed sailing on our friend's boat, Elyssa - thank you, Suzie!  See you all next year!  :)
                                                                     ...photos on Lauren's site
                          ...(link coming soon:  Dennis Woo's article about SRR 2014)
Dan is currently available to design, build, repair, and dream about the next boat.  Contact him any time to start a project:  
                          danoyes1@hotmail.com              978.465.0126

March 2013:  Maine Boatbuilders' Show, Portland, ME
Dan showed off a new Banks Dory he made for Chris Farris.  Chris rows about 150 days of the year, and wanted a sturdy boat to take on his adventures.  Dan and Chris settled on a slightly modified version of the famous banks dory "Centennial."  They shortened the overall length by about 2 feet and the overall width by a few inches. 

June 2011:    Wooden Boat Show, Mystic CT

-Dan showed off the Alpha Dory "Spear" at this year's Wooden Boat Show.  "Thank you" to all the fans who joined us in Mystic, CT to check out this 100 year old Chamberlain design!  While the Alpha on display belongs to our friend Doug now, Dan is ready to build another.  Contact Dan if you're interested in your own racing dory.

-Dan helped friend Brendan show off the English-style Duck Punt that Brendan built under Dan's tutelage.  Brendan's fabulous boat, which thanks to exquisite design sails beautifully without rudder or centerboard, was on display both in the "I Built It Myself" area and on the water.  Great job, Brendan! 
(Duck Punt design / photo page coming soon!)

-For those interested in Free Plans for the toy Hydroplane we had on display, follow this link and download the jpg image:

January 2010:  The Alpha Dory "Spear" appears in the Small Boats edition of Wooden Boat magazine.  Wooden Boat Magazine's Senior Editor Tom Jackson describes his experience aboard the Spear, the versatility of this design as both a rowing and sailing dory, and the history behind this century-old design.  Find Dan and this amazing Chamberlain design on page 28!  Check out the article here (scroll down to 2010): 
2010 Small Boats edition of Wooden Boat Magazine

Summer 2009:    Dan repaired a Beetlecat, a Lowell's Dory Skiff and some masts.  He went to the Small Reach Regatta in Maine this July with Alpha-Beachcomber dory.

September 2008:  Videos posted on YouTube and Wooden Boat Videos of the Alpha Dory "Spear" sailing in Newbury, MA.


August 2008:    Dan and Joel have finished the Alpha Dory "Spear" and showed her off at three boating events:  Small Reach Regatta (ME), Antique and Classic Boats Festival (MA), and Gloucester Schooner Festival/Race (MA).  He won award for best hand-powered craft at the Antique and Classic Boats Festival.


August 2008:    Dan is building an Alpha Dory with his friend Joel Peck.  He hopes to have it completed in time for the Small Reach Regatta, August 14-17th, 2008.


June 2008:    Dan came to the Wooden Boat Show in Mystic, CT again this year.  Many people recognized the Ipswich Bay 18 from the article in Wooden Boat magazine's 2008 '"Small Boats" edition.  Dan plans on working on this year's Wooden Boat and Professional Boatbuilder Design Challenge!


Winter 2007-2008:    After the 2007 Wooden Boat Show, Dan Segal came to try out the Ipswich Bay 18, and wrote all about it!  Watch for the article in the 2008 "Small Boats" edition of Wooden Boat magazine!  Find Dan and his Design on page 90 (pdf).


Fall 2007:    Bob Hicks of Messing About in Boats published a story Dan wrote about his trip down to the Gloucester Schooner Race/Festival in 2006.  See the story here

... more about Dan's unique 2006 "Schooner Dory" entry!

...The Little Schooner that Could


Summer 2007:    Dan exhibited his Ipswich Bay 18 design at the 2007 Wooden Boat Show in Mystic, CT.   Shortly after the Wooden Boat Show in Mystic, CT, Wooden Boat representatives contacted Dan about running an article about the Ipswich Bay design in their "Small Boats" edition.       

...more about the 2007 Wooden Boat Show 





*  R  E  C  E  N  T     P  R  O  J  E  C  T  S *

     *Building a Banks Dory similar to the Centennial.  Displayed at the 2013 Maine Boatbuilders' Show in Portland, Maine

                                                                                   ...more about the Banks Dory

     *Building an Alpha Dory in his barn, giving her a good home with new owner Doug, and showing her off at boat shows.

...more about the Alpha Dory


     *Designing a new class of sailing dory, building the first Ipswich Bay 18 for a local customer.

...more about the Ipswich Bay 18


     *Creating oversized Steam-Powered boat models for the New England Model Engineering Society.  He exhibited at the February 2007 meeting in Waltham, MA.                     

...more about the NE Model Engineering Society

...more about Dan's Pop-Pop Engines and Boats


     *Evaluating and Assembling Wooden Dollhouses for a small business owner. 


     *Leading and Implementing a Boat Model Building project at Lowell's Boat Shop as part of a high school entrepreneurship class.  Simultaneously, a middle school class worked with Dan at Lowell's to build a Merrimac Skiff.



*  U  P  C  O  M  I  N  G     P  R  O  J  E  C  T  S *

     *Taking orders for both classic and Dan-designed boats

...contact Dan to place your order

     *Showing off the first Alpha Dory, which lives in New Hampshire and Maine with our friend Doug.  

...more about the Alpha Dory


     *Continued development of the Ipswich Bay class, perhaps building another one on speculation in the near future.

...more about the Ipswich Bay


     *Continued work on Steam-powered Wooden Boats and Pop-Pop boat planning.

...more about Pop-Pops



Dan is always available for consulting, restoration, design and construction work.  Please contact Dan with any questions, ideas or projects.


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