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For this assignment, you will create a screencast that 1) creates an instructional resource you can use in the classroom if you teach a subject that benefits from this or 2) explains to students how to use a technology you plan to incorporate in your classroom.

Note: Screencasting can be a powerful instructional tool for some subjects (ones that involve a lot of demonstration or workshop-style learning), but for most of you I think the other project options would be more useful. However, if you already know how to create instructional videos and podcasts and need a new challenge, then this can be a fun tool to learn.


1. Decide a topic or skill for your screencast and the instructional goals (what you hope students will be able to do after viewing it). Write a lesson/unit plan to show how the screencast enhances your teaching, and a script or storyboard for every minor movement you will be demonstrating in your screencast, and in what order. Also, list what standards the lesson fulfills. Post this on your blog. This is very important because if you plan out your screencast well, you will avoid having to re-record yourself too many times.

2. Use Jing (a free download) to create a screencast demonstrating your topic or skill.

3. Besides recording a screencast, use Jing to take screen shots and annotate/mark up your screen shots.

3. Embed your Jing screencast and images on your blog and share it with me through email with a link.

Evaluation Criteria





Created a functioning screencast
(6 pts)
Screencast is long enough to demonstrate a complex skill or topic (at least two minutes), but not so long that it gets redundant. Choosing a good topic/skill is critical. Sound/visual quality is good (narration must be included). Poor sound/visual quality at times, or other hiccups in the screencast.
Succcessfully created and annotated screen shots
(3 pts)
Screen shots show different annotations, showing expertise with this feature Screen shot has one annotation or markup
Instructional (4 pts) Screencast demonstrates each step of the process clearly enough that a novice can replicate the task. Lesson/unit plan and standard are listed, and everything connects well, showing how the screencast enhances your instruction. Link between screencast and instructional objectives is not clear, or screencast occasionally is confusing. Missing lesson/unit plan or standard
Engaging (4 pts) Screencast moves well without getting boring. Screencast is sometimes interesting, but begins to drag or lose its ability to be engaging. Screencast is bland, slow, and monotonous.
Shared (3 points)
Shared your screencast and screenshots by email  & embed them on your blog Neglected to share by email or blog