Danny continually earns local and national acclaim for his work as a guitarist.  He has won numerous awards for his musicianship, most recently at East Carolina University's Guitar Competition and in the Music Academy of North Carolina International Guitar Competition. Danny was the sole guitarist in Spoleto Festival's opera "Flora."  In October 2012 he performed Landshcaften, a concerto for two guitars and orchestra with the Bowling Green State University Orchestra for the New Music Festival and recorded the world premier of the piece. Other world premiers include "Distant Cries" by Stephen Stanziano for the Cleveland Composer's Guild. Danny was also featured on WQED FM Pittsburgh in an interview by Ted Sohier where he performed live his solo arrangement of Piazzola’s Chiquilin de Bachin for Pittsburgh's radio audience.

Danny Rectenwald holds a Master of Music degree in Classical guitar performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music and a Bachelors from Duquesne University and is trained to teach the Suzuki Method for Guitar.

Danny began playing guitar at age 12 and embarked upon his classical training at age 13 under the mentorship of Venezuelan classical guitarist Daniél Marchan. More recently, Danny has had opportunity to study with some of the great Classical Guitar pedagogues of our generation. This includes sessions with Aaron Shearer, Denis Azabagic, and Jason Vieaux.

Danny performs regularly as a solo classical guitarist playing music spanning from Baroque to Modern, including pieces he has personally composed. 

Currently Danny resides in Pittsburgh, PA.