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PK2 Shell

pk2sh - Silkroad PK2 explorer/exporter [aborted]

PK2 Tool

pk2tool - Silkroad PK2 exporter/importer [release version 0.1.0]

Development website / Bug tracker 


The Way of The Tiger


      This was a prototype game with a different look, It was made by myself, Eduardo H. Akatsu and Matias G. Rodriguez. The idea was a kung-fu game with real Tai-Hu Phay Style movements where you play in a OLED panel board based canvas. But this was the far we got, a sprite visualizing tool for the 3D-to-Sprite exporter and editor that we developed. 

       I have also compiled it for PSP (I doesn't needed to port it because a good programmer does portable code and doesn't need Java to enforce portable software ;)). Anyway, the PSP version has a little timing bug (yes, even a good programmer can't figure some platform issues without seeing the platform internals beforehand).



[Download PoC (Windows) (PSP)]