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Dannis Talks

posted Jan 3, 2015, 9:07 PM by Dannis Cole   [ updated Jan 3, 2015, 9:14 PM ]
Hi, I'm Dannis!  I am the owner of DanniStories, and its sole author,  artist, researcher, web designer... you get the idea. This is my labor of love,  so here's a little about how I do things. For details and news, check my blog at http://blog.dannistories.com

Dannis' Therapeutic Science Fiction

I don't use profanity in my writing, and I try to reflect Christian and moral values. If my main characters don't start out as good people, usually they undergo some kind of change to become better.

 I like to write about people who beat the odds, who have struggles, who manage to hold onto happiness no matter what happens to them. My universe includes a wide variety of cultures and aliens, some similar to us, and some very different. Many of my stories include families or romance. They are character-driven more than action-adventure, though I try to have exciting conflicts and tough obstacles to overcome. 

Characters in my stories do many different things to make a living, and I set stories in many kinds of places. Hopefully, you'll want to come with me on some of these adventures, to faraway places or even down the block when strange things happen, and my characters' lives change drastically. Many of my stories are very different than the others, and I tend to write in the style of the viewpoint character, in that character's voice, revealing the innermost feelings of that character. They cover a wide variety of situations and cultures.

 I also like to write about characters with health problems or psychological struggles, who feel inadequate only to discover that they can do much more than they ever thought possible! There are no cookbook solutions in my universe. Bad things happen to good people, but in this struggle to survive the bad things, characters can often discover hidden strengths, and find some good to come out of the situations thrown at them. I believe most people are basically good, but can make very bad choices. Some work very hard to overcome the bad choices they made, and turn out well. I try to focus on characters who turn out better, who sacrifice the bad choices and turn towards the light.

Science fiction is based on science, so I do research to keep my tech plausible and realistic. But, I also focus on psychology and communication skills. Some of my stories deal with drug abuse, addiction, sexual abuse, brain injuries and recovery, and the challenges of various health problems. Because of this, I feel that most of my work is more PG than G [7th grade and up or  age  13].

 My aim is to show how my characters deal with the problems, especially after the action stops and the aftermath begins. This is where the true strengths of my characters come to light. The story after the story often goes untold, but here is where I like to show what happened next, how it turned out, how they managed, how time tends to heal some things. I especially like to show how faith can help a person keep going. Most psychologists agree that belief in a higher power helps people struggling with mental illness to improve. I hope that my stories can be helpful to those who have been abused, or lift someone's mood, or even give good examples of how to resolve some conflicts through good coping skills. I don't pretend to have the answers. I just do a lot of praying, and especially about my writing, and I ask Heavenly Father to help me do some good through my stories. I hope you find them uplifting, and enjoy them.

With Sisterly Love,