I am a senior researcher at the Smart Sensing and Vision Group, Advanced Technical Center – Israel, General Motors Research. My research interests are in computer vision, machine learning and object recognition.
I am mainly interested in the task of object image understanding, and specifically in learning models for classification and interpretation in unsupervised and online settings.

Contact info:

7 Hamada St, Herzliya 46725, Israel

Office Phone: +972-9-9720623

Email: danmlevi@gmail.com



Topics in Computer Vision - Spring 2012 - Tel-Aviv-Yaffo Academic College


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New! The Stixel dataset (zip) described in our BMVC15 paper is now available for download. See Readme.txt in the archive file for details on reading the data and matching it to corresponding raw images from the KITTI dataset. Please cite the paper if you are using the dataset in a publication.

New! GM-ATCI Rear-view pedestrian dataset is available.



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Predictive Feature Selection for SVM (PFS-SVM)Matlab Code