DanLock the Trick Lock

DanLock is an original puzzle lock designed by Dan Feldman, Israel. It comes with two keys: one key is attached to the shackle and the other one is broken... It is your job to open the lock, and then to get it back to its original state.

See what the worldwide puzzle expert Edward Hordern wrote about DanLock:

DanLock review article


Some comments from people who already have DanLock:

"I have solved your trick lock! ...and it really is a beautiful puzzle. By far the best lock in my collection."

- Carlos Oliveira, Portugal

"It's now officially the best puzzle in my collection."

- Chris Bailey, USA

"Everyone enjoys your creation. ... a great piece"

- Arthur Haber, USA

"How did you invent DanLock? Do you have any locksmithing background? It's really fantastic."

- Adolf Ledesma, Philippines

"This is a truly beautiful puzzle... A great example of forcing the solver to think differently."

- Derrick Schneider, USA

"Quite an ingenious puzzle. I have no idea how you managed to manufacture it, with all the things you packed into the lock."

- Ed Pegg Jr, USA

"What nice piece of workmanship! I am very pleased to have this lock in my collection"

- Rod Bogart, USA

"DanLock is diabolical but great!"

- Richard Muratori, USA