Realtek HD Sound

To configure audio output on PC models with six sound connectors go to the bottom right of your screen by your clock and click the Realtek HD audio Manager, if not there then control panel ,Realtek HD Sound Effect Manager

Sound mixer

the playback knob and slider at the top controls master volume output.

the record knob controls the microphone and stereo  mix volume output.


 ,mic boost is the 2 .. by mic slider on playback.

,to play music take the red X off Stereo mix , and adjust your mic on the recording slider


ckick the ( mixer toolbox icon ) to select the volume controls you want to see on recording and playback list.



Click the Multi-streaming setting audio button. The dialog box opens. and lets you select front or rear microphone


were you select number of speakers you have

When you click the Audio I/O tab, a window opens that allows you to select the number of speakers,2/2.1 is for 2 speaker setup, and shows whether the plugs are analog or digital. .



When you click the Microphone tab, a window opens that allows fine control over the microphone/recording quality. The Microphone window includes buttons for noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation.