Euro Tour 2006

Bilbao to Calais via Pyrenees and Alps

The Route:


 The bikes, loaded and about to set off from Marine Court, 15th June 2006:

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Early on day one, and not for the last time, the sat nav got us lost somewhere nice...


Who said engineers can't be artistic...? 

Only the best Accomodation for us and our babies...





Unfortunately I didn't take enough photos to make a smooth rendering of the Millau Viaduct.


The bikes arrive in Cannes

The riders enjoy fine food and drink, finishing with a couple of shots of Hennessy XO...



And take in the sights of Cannes by night

Before heading north via Grenoble and a mixture of roads mostly either too interesting or too dull to take photos of, and one last Hotel Formule Un...

And on to Calais for the beginning of the final leg with two very grubby bikes.