Pavel Friedmann- The Butterfly

The Butterfly

Image 1- represents a woman and a man (the woman and her man) there are younger images of the two on there cheek. It just reminds me of this poem.

"The butterfly " 

He was the last. Truly the last.
Such yellowness was bitter and blinding
Like the sun's tear shattered on stone.
That was his true colour.
And how easily he climbed, and how high,
Certainly, climbing, he wanted
To kiss the last of my world.

I have been here for seven weeks,
Who loved me have found me,
Daisies call to me,
And the branches also of the white chestnut in the yard.
But I haven't seen a butterfly here.
That last one was the last one.
There are no butterflies, here, in the ghetto.

This is about a woman falling out of love with a man. The man is the butterfly. He was the last man i loved. Truly the last one. Such yellowness was bitter and binding. Meaning that the parting was terrible and it left her feeling heart broken. He cared more about himself then me. He always did. His virtues were all messed up. She has been in the Getto for seven weeks and he hasnt said anything to her because he has a big ego. She is still in love with him though. She hasnt seen one man like him in the getto.She misses him. 

The butterfly is a symbol of the man. The butterfly flys twords you and is gone in a blink of an eye. like a man. 

I think that the author of night would have liked this because it describes how she remembers him.What happened.Who she is.He would have been sitting at her foot asking questions (like he was with the village idiot who taught him about god.