Danilo (Dan)Martinez, born in El Salvador, Since early childhood always had an experimental mind. By the age of six he was able to read and write fluently, and developed a curiosity for mechanical devices.

Between the ages of 7 to 9 took appart his young sister's stroller, her pedal car and his dad's radio. put it all back together (the radio did not work well after that). As he finished his 5th grade, asked his dad to take him to his work place during the mornings, since he only had school in the afternoon. Here, Dan had the opportunity to work and play at a large maintenance facility for heavy trucks, where he learned to use grinders, drill presses, welding equipment, read a great deal of books, and other instructional materials for repairing anything from a compressors,  heavy duty cranes, jet engines, and helicopters.

 By 12, He managed to  learn to drive in a 10 ton air brake truck just by observing experienced drivers. And became an expert on operating an old Dodge tow truck, including repairing it.  At nights, he helped an electrical technician to replace the wiring of refurbished trucks, so learning to wire them himself by the age of 13. 

During that time  the company lost the electrical technician, and Dan was given  the opportunity to do the electrical work all by himself.Since then, Dan kept doing most of the electrical repairs on all equipment  until  the age of 16 when he went to his second year of school in Industrial Arts. 

After graduation from Instituto Tecnico industrial, Fled to the United States,  during the crudest civil war in El Salvador's history.

For about 24 years have worked  as prototype machinist, have been a Manufacturing supervisor for Astro Flight, an electric motor mfg company for the hobby industry, served as a general manager for  Group 5 Engineering Inc.

Worked in Mechanical animation  for Walt Disney Imaginering (Tujunga ride mfg facility) where he was involved in all stages of robotic design and development.

Current working at Studio Plug Llc. as a General Manager, leading all stages of design develop and manufacturing, and for 20 years worked as a consultant  for industrial design, and construction management.

Dan has continued his education at LATTC,and Los Angeles City college;  having completed more than 180 college units including  SolidWorks,Auto-cad,REVIT, SKETCH-UP, Engineering Design, machine Design CNC Programming, Environmental Design and  Architecture classes,earning enough credits for  Construction Management, AA in engineering, Engineering design and Architectural Drafting.

Completed a 1 year  Entrepreneur Fast Track Business administration course at USC in 1994.

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