FMTVR & PRomo Team

Multimedia advertising productions, PR Agency 2012
FMTVR & PRomo Team - The Art of Production & Promotion

Need promoting help, ideas, advice, presentation guides how for success advertise your business products? 
Need professional multimedia production & post production services?

Well there is many of them everywhere and we will say just, "it is mass media production jungle" around, but counts usually experience. FMTVR & PRomo are proved and appreciated production & reproduction service team or organisation that works in back and front production with care and sense for this business in any perspective for any media format. FMTVR is active in central European region - Adriatic show business territory, localized in (Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Bosnia, Serbia).

FMTVR & PRomo Team - The Art of Production & Promotion

Multimedia production, reproduction, recordings, animation, live shows, concerts, clubbing, booking, promotion, PR, journalism and many more things we do, to make media business more advantage, friendly, fun, different but still independently creative.

FMTVR & PRomo is a group of artists, musicians, vocalists, authors, writers, producers, business managers collected in one place since 1994, when was decided, to start taking care of clients, partners, media consumers, to serve them media services professionally, help them realize concepts from 0% to 100% and finalize ideas with guaranteed success, and Not to gluttonously exploit the consumers and situations without results, like seen and treated today even by leaders. And even today we still stand behind this.

Since 1994 we haven't copy others. In same time if others made good products, we clap.

In our archives it can be found now more than 4500 various projects, from making commercials, movies, music and all things you have just read above, so we think that this is good sign of trust, not just written in the clouds of any network.

For any questions, demonstration material, You are Welcome to contact FMTVR & PRomo Team via eMail or phone line.

Phone info point:
+386 40 587 609 - (Hrvatski/Slovensko/Srpski)
+386 41 240 637 - (Deuche/English/Italiano)

Web info point:
FMTVR & PRomo Team
Jadranska cesta 16/A
6280 Ankaran / Ancarano
Istra, Slovenija, Europe

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FMTVR Produkti - multimedia production and reproduction services. Creating, programming, compiling, engineering, designing, mastering, recording, editing, listening, watching, thinking, having fun with computers, networks, film, music, theatre, television, radio, audio & video. Network Compiling and Designing. FMTVR is Active since 1994.