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Marie Curie post-doc (our expression of interest)

Applying to a MarieCurie post-doc? Here our proposal to join @ICTJA_CSIC: interaction between deep & surface Earth

Website for the application to Marie Curie Individual Fellowships — ∆ Garcia-Castellanos (@danigeos) June 16, 2015

The researcher will investigate the interplay between surface and deep geodynamic processes. A person with a background on data gathering related to erosion or geomorphology and interested in process modeling of topographic evolution and coupled tectonic-surface transport simulations could best benefit from the hosting group. We provide a recognized expertise in computer modeling of lithospheric geodynamics and surface processes, and in seismic imaging of the Earth’s crust and mantle. Regions of interest include the Zagros/Mesopotamian basin, the Iberian Peninsula, the Tibetan Plateau, and the Western Mediterranean. 


Post-doc in tectonic-climatic modeling of orogen-basin systems

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Our department of Structure and Dynamics of the Lithosphere (ICTJA-CSIC, Barcelona) looks for an enthusiast post-doctoral fellow ready to join our running TECLA project for a period of two years. The candidate will enjoy a dynamic geoscientific atmosphere, will count on an impressive amount of structural, magnetostratigaphic, and geophysical data collected within the group, and will be expected to perform numerical modeling based on our own programming tools and background. The candidate should have a PhD in Geoscience, or be close to her/his dissertation. 

Project rationale:
In orogens such as the Zagros Mountains, arid climate is a phenomenon that modifies the balance between the tectonic processes that generate topography and the erosion/transport processes that remove it from the surface. Sediment trapping in intramountain basins can modify the evolution of tectonic deformation. Inversely, it is well known that arid climate results from the orographic blockage of incoming humid wind into the orogen. 
In this project we aim at investigating the mechanisms involved in this feedback between climate and tectonics by means of numerical modelling techniques constrained with multidisciplinary observations including structural, magnetostratigraphy, and potential fields, collected from work within our own group and from existing publications. Although the implementation of the project is flexible, the post-doc is expected to perform a combined numerical modeling of the processes controlling the evolution of intramountain basins and the mechanisms by which these basins become exorheic and are drained and eroded out of the orogen. The candidate would accordingly benefit from having experience in computer programming, Linux environments and scripting. She/he will address geological scenarios where numerous recent data on tectonics and sedimentation have been collected and where an effort in the large-scale tectonosedimentary evolution has already been done. Suitable systems to apply these techniques are the Zagros-Mesopotamian Basin system, and the Cenozoic intramountain basins of Iberia.   

The expected outcome is a better understanding of the processes controlling the evolution of topography during orogenesis, specifically the relative importance of climate and drainage reorganizations. 

  • A PhD in Geoscience.
  • Previous research on orogenic tectonics, basin analysis, or quantitative geomorphology.
  • Computer programming or modeling skills.
  • Please, attach your CV when contacting.
  • You will need to be registered at CSIC's Bolsa de Trabajo before being eligible for this post.

The successful candidate will earn around 14x1500 € per year (approx. neto salary, after taxes). 
For more information on the project and the conditions of the post, please contact  us.

Dead line for application: January 15th, 2013.
Dead line for incorporation (estimated): Feb.-May, 2013.

Contact: send email to Daniel Garcia-Castellanos