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                                                 “The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.”


 Sir Arthur Eddington


 English Astronomer

 When Angels Lie: Celestial Fingerprints is now on the marketplace. It is now available through Amazon. You do not need a Kindle or any reader for that matter to read a Kindle book. All you need is a free downloadable Kindle app which will allow anyone with a computer, smart phone or tablet to read. When the truth is openly revealed, the way you percieve this world will be forever altered. The history books are wrong.
Mankind has been completely decieved by rogue celestials. Celestials are better known in the theological world as angels. The truth regarding this deception is as tangled as it is evident. How far will we continue to stumble along the path secretly placed before our unsuspecting feet? As far as the technological carrot on a stick takes us.
Journey back millenia to the days of Noah to discover the terrifying reason why God flooded the earth. It wasn't because of the wicked nature of man. It was because of the wicked nature of fallen angels, and the advanced technology they were responsible for divulging to mankind on the earth in those days. The evidence for this ridiculous claim of mine can be found scattered all over the planet.
In this book you will explore ancient megalithic sites to uncover the mind boggling truth behind their construct.
You will see for yourself just how the hypersonic jump in our computer and laser technology didn't actually originate from human intelligence.
You will also understand the incredible reasons why the Space Shuttle program was just recently cancelled. The NASA shuttle videos at the top of the page should give you just a small clue.
    Now of course I don't believe we are actually witnessing an angel piloting the craft in the above NASA film. Even though the technology being witnessed is angelic in its origins. The pilot of the spacecraft shown above is certainly a flesh and blood creature (though it is definitely not human). Where did it originate?  It was on (or near) this earth.
It might have been in secret laboratories found at the center of the hollow moon that orbits our planet (the one NASA has refused to return to for over 40 years now). It very well could have been created in a Star Wars Cantina-like scene played out in a hyper-advanced genetic laboratory under Native American (Apache) soil. How could I possibly be a sane individual and believe such nonsense? Is there actually evidence to support such an outrageous claim? Oh, there is indeed. You are but a few weeks from discovering the astonishing truth.
    "We are being herded unwillingly toward a pasture of mystery and fear. Participants in a match of mental chess that for now don't understand how to win the game we have been forced into playing. Here we now sit frantically searching the rulebook while a bug-eyed Kasparov hides in the shadows. However, if we all don't learn how to play a little faster; the Grey-skinned gods of this game will certainly have their sadistic way." 
                                                                                 When Angels Lie: Celestial Fingerprints
                                                                                                    Daniel Watchman
                                                                                                NOW AVAILABLE