at the University of Puget Sound.

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writing about teaching

Integrating Marketing and Environmental Studies through an Interdisciplinary,
       Experiential, Service Learning Approach.”  With Nila Wiese.  Journal of Marketing

 Uncovering Sustainability in the Curriculum,” in Melissa Daley, ed. Climate Neutral
       Campus Report.  San Francisco:  Kyoto Publishing. 

 Sustainability:  What’s the Big Idea?  A Strategy for Transforming the Higher
       Education Curriculum.”  Sustainability—The Journal of Record. 1(3):  188-195. 

 A Drawbridge to the Ivory Tower:  Brokering the Politics of Environmental Studies,”
       in Jim Downs, ed., Why We Write:  The Politics and Practice of  Writing for Social
       Change. Routledge. 

 Get it in Writing:  Using Politics to Teach Writing and Writing to Teach Politics.”  
       With Israel Waismel-Manor.  PS:  Political Science and Politics. 36 (4):755-758.