As Director of the Sound Policy Institute and faculty in the Environmental Policy & Decision Making Program at the University of Puget Sound I cultivate civic engagement on environmental issues.  I design curricular and co-curricular programs that bring the campus community together with environmental stakeholders.  

➣ Civic Engagement Programs

⚙    South Sound Environmental Issues Community Education Initiative: 
community  education course on environmental issues of regional importance
in advance of each Washington State legislative session.  This is a campus-
community effort integrated with course work for students in the University of
⚙    Green Tacoma Partnership:  A partnership to restore and sustain urban green spaces.  Students in the University of Puget
Sound Environmental Policy and Decision Making Seminar have worked to convene and facilitate stakeholder discussions,
identify and facilitate wetland mitigation sites, inventory invasive species, design environmental education programs,
contribute park design recommendations, and analyze social problems associated with urban green spaces.

⚙    Curriculum for the Bioregion Initiative:  A partnership with the Washington Center to offer events that bring faculty in
Washington State together with environmental professionals to facilitate place-based learning and integrate sustainability into
the higher education curriculum.  Programs hosted by the Sound Policy Institute have included a three-day summer institute
and one-day conference on sustainability in the curriculum, and a toxics tour of Tacoma.

⚙    University of Puget Sound Faculty Workshops on Sustainability in the Curriculum:  summer workshops designed to integrate
sustainability with the biggest ideas and core skills of each academic discipline on campus, provide opportunities and 
incentives for place-based learning in the disciplines, and put faculty in contact with environmental stakeholders in the region.

⚙    Campus-Community Sustainability Partnership:  Students in a variety of university classes helped organize and facilitate
programs including panel discussions, workshops on waste reduction behaviors and social marketing solutions, sustainability
fairs and tours, business leader roundtables,  as well as participatory decision making processes for local stakeholders to 
devise business, campus, and residential waste reduction strategies.

Partners:  The Russell Family Foundation, City of Tacoma, local businesses and residents.

⚙    Pierce County Leadership Summit on Environmental Education:  An effort to establish a state-wide comprehensive plan for
lifelong environmental education. The student-facilitated Pierce County process for engaging diverse stakeholders on this 
issue became the template for similar community processes across the state administered by Washington State Governor, 
Christine Gregoire’s E3 Washington Initiative.

Partners:  E3 Washington, the Environmental Education Association of Washington, Pierce County, the City of Tacoma and 
more than 100 local leaders.

⚙    City of Tacoma Green Ribbon Climate Action Task Force:  Students in the University of Puget Sound Environmental Policy
and Decision Making Seminar conducted research on the various costs and environmental impacts of transportation
alternatives for the city's climate action plan.

➣ Writing About Civic Engagement

⚙    “Integrating Marketing and Environmental Studies through an Interdisciplinary, Experiential, Service Learning Approach.”
With Nila Wiese. Journal of Marketing Education. 2011.

⚙    A Drawbridge to the Ivory Tower: Brokering the Politics of Environmental Studies,” in Jim Downs, ed., Why We Write: The
Politics and Practice of Writing for Social Change. Routledge. 2005.

➣ Service to Organizations Includes:

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