recent articles and other writing

Environmental Politics & Policy

I research and write about social movements & public participation in environmental policy with emphasis on radioactive and hazardous waste. 

➢  Recent writing on the dynamics of collective action
& public responses to radioactive waste facilities.

* "Please Mess with Texas: State offers a glowing example for nuclear
waste policy." An opinion piece in the News Tribune. Pdf.

* “Critical Mechanisms for Critical Masses:  Exploring Variation in
Active Opposition to Low-level Radioactive Waste Site Proposals.”
Mobilization. 16 (1). 2011.

* Disruption or Convention? A Process-based Explanation of
Divergent Repertoires of Contention Among Opponents to Low-
level Radioactive Waste Disposal Sites.”  Social Movement Studies.
 7 (3):  265-280. 2008.

➢  Recent writing about hazardous waste policy
formulation & public participation in hazardous waste
* Contamination, Collaboration, Remediation
and Restoration: Lessons on First and Next-
Generation Environmental Policy
Approaches from the St. Paul Waterway
Superfund Site in Tacoma, Washington.”
Society and Natural Resources. 24 (3). 2011.

* Hazardous Waste,” a chapter in Paul J. Quirk and William Cunion,
eds. Governing America: Major Policies and Decisions of Federal,
State, and Local Government.  Facts on File Press. 2011.

I have also applied social movement theory to the
politics of treaty settlements with indigenous peoples
concerning natural resources.

Catching Fish: Political Development of
Māori in New Zealand, the Sealord Fisheries
Settlement, and Social Movement Theory.”
Social Science Journal.  43 (2006):  513-
527. 2006.

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Sustainability & Pedagogy

I write about the practice of teaching and learning with emphasis on integrating:   sustainability, civic engagement, and writing across the curriculum.

➢  Recent writing on integrating sustainability across
the disciplines in colleges & universities.

Curriculum,” in Melissa Daley, ed.
Climate Neutral Campus Report.
San Francisco:  Kyoto Publishing.

                       *  Sustainability: What’s the Big Idea?
                         A Strategy for Transforming
the Higher Education Curriculum.”  Sustainability—The Journal
of Record. 1(3):  188-195. 2008.

➢  Recent writing on civic engagement.
Environmental Studies through an
Interdisciplinary, Experiential,
Service Learning Approach.” With
Nila Wiese. Journal of Marketing
Education. 2011.

Brokering the Politics of Environmental Studies,” in Jim 
Downs, ed., Why We WriteThe Politics and Practice of Writing
for Social Change. Routledge. 2005.

➢  Writing about teaching writing.
*  Get it in Writing:  Using Politics to Teach Writing and Writing
to Teach Politics.”  Co-authored with Israel Waismel-Manor. 
 PS:  Political Science and Politics. 36 (4):755-758. 2003.