About Me

Hello and Welcome

As a student in the University Honors Program at the University of Cincinnati I have had countless opportunities to further my personal development through experiential learning. The experiences have fostered my growth as a student, person, and leader. I came up with the following three statements as guidelines for the person I strive to be: Treat every person equally with care and sincerity.  Devote 100 percent in everything that I do.  Discover my passions and apply my talents in altruistic ways.  

These four pictures show exactly who I am. The first picture is of me holding an iguana in Brazil. I love wildlife and adventure. The second picture is of me with my favorite musician, Andy Grammer. Seeing concerts is one of my favorite things to do! The third image is of me after completing the flying pig marathon.  As a die hard bearcat, I had to represent the C. I enjoy challenges, physical, mental, and intellectual. The final is another picture of me from Brazil.  This one shows my passion for exploration and nature while also showing how much I enjoy being around other people! 

Please browse around to learn about my community engagement, research project, leadership experience, and global studies.  If you would like to learn more about how awesome it is to be in the honors program at UC, feel free to email me at ruterdi@mail.uc.edu!