Night vission

A Night vission effect that locks like spy nigth glases ore something.

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The effect lock cool with hitthebongo's Sniper Scope Overlays  


Copy this code and save it in the Addontfx folder as "nigt vission.xml"

<!-- night vission by Daniel(2006) -->
<TransitionsAndEffects Version="1.0">
<EffectDLL guid="{B4DC8DD9-2CC1-4081-9B2B-20D7030234EF}">
<Effect name="night vission" iconid="29" comment="nigth vision">
<Param name="InternalName" value="Standard" />
<Param name="contrast" value="1"/>
<Param name="Invert" value="-1.0" />
<Param name="Blue" value="-1.5"/>
<Param name="Yellow" value="-5"/>
<Param name="Red" value="-5"/>