Local Playwright's "Suitcase" Carries a Valentine to Jackson Heights-
NY Metro:

In 2008, New York's Riverside Church was in flux as they searched for a new pastor to replace their charismatic former leader, Rev. James Forbes.  This story examined Forbes' legacy and how Riverside struggled to keep their identity in an uncertain time.

New York City cabbies were still working all through 2008 on adapting to the new credit card machines in their cabs.  Some called the machines a boon to their business, bringing in new customers.  Others found good reason to call the systems a nuisance.  Here's the story.

Columbia University Hospital began making house calls in the spring of '08.  As part of a study on how to reduce local flu cases, researchers visited families in Washington Heights, offering  free hand sanitizer, masks and education.    Though the reception was warm, the results were mixed.   Here's the story.
National/International Stories:

In March of 2009, a nine-year-old Brazilian girl's abortion sparked controversy in Brazil: the girl had been raped by her stepfather and been impregnated with twins.  When her mother helped her get an abortion, the Catholic church excommunicated both the mother and the doctors who performed the procedure.  In fury about the excommunications, I wrote this piece on my blog, Reflections On Faith.      

In April 2008, Bob Bennett was working to pass the Ohio Plan, a plan to reform the presidential primary system and get rid of Super Tuesday for good.  At the time I wrote this piece, Bennett's plan had made its way through RNC gatekeepers and was on its way to a vote at the national convention.