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Who is this hansom hacker hacking into my site? :)



18.04.06 Day Four!

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Suffice it to say, I have arrived in one piece and have moved hostels already. I have seen the Harbour bridge and the Opera house (it looks likes a big beetle sitting next to the quey) and played a didj built in the top end.

I have eaten great Thai food and spent time taking to a couple of nice Thai people (part of a legal debating class from Bangkok university of all things!)



Its the night before the big Off. I am listening to Mr Lif (a current hip-hop hero) and staring blankly out of the window. I am all packed. I am full of a late lunch with a friend and I have just been on the phone to Jim Dallaway. I have spent the day talking to friends and walking around. Suddenly London has sprung into life - there is a feeling of spring in the air. The stadium I can see from my window is looking less like a huge black ugly vulture and more like a big ugly building... still can't have everything. It's called 'Emirates Statium' (God only knows why) and the word Arsenal can't be seen.LOL!!!

On the recommendation of a chum I am going to start a blog (there will be a link to it here). Advantage being that readers can use RSS feeds (read about that here) which will save a lot of time for regular readers of this. 

This is a bit crazy. I am within a nat's testicle of leaving the UK....

29.03.06 Hmmm....

I've been organizing a bit of dinner and a drink with friends from Brighton for this Saturday. I am looking forward to this because I have not seen them since my birthday. They went all out for me - there was cake, presents, people, pictures of me on the walls of the  pub, slaps on the back and to cap it all off  a photo album (the amount of work that went into it must have been staggering) of ten years of me and Brighton. Its enough to make my eyes water (and they did). If you want to see this photo album please see "a gallery of me"

Hmmm.... not sure I want to leave such a good thing.

25.03.06 Tick tick tick.....

I have found fonts to help me write Yolnu (Yolngu) language group sounds. The internet is pretty cool at times. So now I can write Yol\u-matha as it should be written! Whilst trawling through the internet looking for Yol\u keyboard fonts I found the CDU language site (CDU is the Charles Darwin University). The page that grabbed me most was the map of North East Arnhemland which is one of the places I am planning to go. Have alittle flick over it - bits of it light up. The text shows an example of some Yol\u-matha.

I've been hunting through my pictures to find a picture of me and a yirdaki - I can't find one! Laughable really as I've been playing for a while now!

23.03.06 Preparation

The count down has started. Its ticking like a small exciting time bomb in the back of my head, and on occasion keeps me awake.

I have a 'to do' list sitting in front of me. I had far to much fun with Excel making list boxes and so forth, but at least I am a little bit organised now. I am hoping that on the fateful day (April 15th 2006 - mark it people!) I will front up to the airport with enough pants and socks; a passport, ticket and wallet. I have never had the 'naked on the first day of school' dream but I have had nightmares about missing my flight... 

I wanted to write this log for a several reasons: firstly for fun and the fun I plan to have while I am out there. My friend Tom has a blog, which he is going to use to show the world how much fun he is having being musical, and I think that is a cool idea. I'll be able to watch what he is up to. Secondly, as an exercise to see if I can write properly. Thirdly to store some of the things that I see and am part of, on my trip. Finally, to see if I can become a good yirdaki player. I want to meet Djalu and play yirdaki with him. I am hoping to make it to the Garma festival - simply because I don't think I've ever been to anything like it in my life.

I am hoping to get a chance to do some creative writing while I am away. If I get the chance to post any of it, then (and only if I think its good enough to put into the real world) I might.