Fusebox is a collection of all original jazz / fusion / funk tunes in a variety of jazz-fusion styles showcasing my guitar playing backed up by keyboards, drums, bass and horns. I love the jazz-rock style from the seventies and then the jazz-funk styles that emerged from it and wanted to record a collection of tunes in that style.

Jazz / Fusion

Track Listing
1. Fuse Box
2. Blue Wires
3. Rheometer
4. Strain Relief
5. Transfer Switch
6. Romex
7. Low Voltage
8. High Tension
9. Auxiliary Contact
10. Short Circuit


Daniel plays all instruments
Guitars: Cort M600, Cort CR200, Cort G254, Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster
Guitar Amp Emulations: Soldano, Roland Jazz Chorus, Vox AC30
Keyboard Emulations: Hammond B3, Oberheim, Prophet V, Roland Juno 6, Fender Rhodes. Piano
Horn Emulations: Session Horns Pro
Bass Emulations: Scarbee Jay Bass, Scarbee MM Bass
Bass Amp Emulation: Mark TA501
Drums and Percussion: EZdrummer

All songs written by Daniel LeSaux
© 2016 DLS Music Production
599855 Records DK

Produced by Daniel LeSaux 
Recorded and mixed at Moose Tracks Studios using Cakewalk Sonar
Mastered using Izotope Ozone

Cover Design by Daniel LeSaux

Sample Tracks