Dan in his early years circa 1978
Dan LeSaux was once asked why he plays guitar. His reply was “Because it’s all I think about! No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I tend to hear rhythm and melodies.”. Dan’s passion for guitar shines through all his musical projects. He never attempted to record a guitar virtuoso type album.  That’s not what he’s about. He’s about writing tunes from his heart, soul and discovering how his guitar playing can help support the song and convey the emotion he’s trying to express.

Having absorbed numerous influences over the years, Dan has developed an emotive, lyrical style that he is able to weave into many genres of music. He is just as comfortable playing instrumental rock as he is playing progressive metal.

Growing up in the sixties and seventies provided ample inspiration as he soaked up the music his older brother would bring home like Santana, Chicago, Cream and others. Later on he discovered jazz fusion with the likes of Jeff Beck, Ray Gomez and Al Dimeola. During that period, Dan’s parents moved to a small village in France when he was just fourteen. The isolation proved to be a godsend. Having nothing else to do, he threw himself into guitar playing practicing up twelve hours a day. He and his brother formed several bands playing weddings and small concerts honing their musical skills. They formed a Santana tribute band that further influenced his technique.

When he moved back to the US in the mid-eighties, his focus turned to recording rather than playing live. While most musicians are night owls, Dan prefers the quiet of the early morning hours to record his music waking up at 4:30 AM every day to spend time in his studio he's dubbed
Moose Tracks. He’s recorded several albums in various styles including instrumental rock, jazz fusion, Latin rock, progressive metal, smooth jazz and even a Celtic rock album.

Dan enjoys the new musical landscape the internet has created, allowing independent artists like himself to freely distribute his music without the pressure of traditional, commercial distribution.

Dan followed up his fusion album
Fusebox with a Smooth Jazz release entitles Smooth As A Moose. He is currently workig on a blues album that he'll call Fix or Repair Daily.