Guitarist, composer, producer
Talk To Your Daughter
I just finished a version of Talk To Your Daughter by J.B. Lenoir heavily based on the Robben Ford version. I used the Scuffham S-Gear amp modeling plugin which has become my go-to amp sim. 

The vocals were actually plucked from a Karaoke track that I purchased. The feedback has been great and it inspired me to start work on a blues inspired album which I've already started work on. 

Can't Turn Back the Hands of Time
Just released a new single entitled Can't Turn Back the Hands of Time. 

All of us have done or said something we wish we could take back. As we all know, that' not possible. We can't turn back the hands of time. All we can do is move forward. Time heals and hope keeps us alive. 

That's what this tune is about. 

Smooth As A Moose Album Release
Right after my last project was finished and released, my thoughts immediately turned to what to do next. Smooth jazz, contemporary jazz, acid jazz - whatever you want to call it - is a musical style I have always enjoyed listening to. The genre fuses jazz, funk, soul, R&B and disco. The style – a throwback to the 70s and 80s – is upbeat, fun to play and produce. This album is a collection of original tunes along with covers of a few classics. I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I did performing it!

The first track is an upbeat disco tune I wrote fro my Mom called Andrea. The second track is called No Time To Waste which has a catchy bass intro and heavy back beat. The next tune is called Kancamagus Cruisin' and reminded me of the type of tune you'd want to be listening to cruising down the Kanacamagus Highway in New Hampshire, top down and enjoying the beautiful sunshine and sights

After that, I recorded my version of the Barry White classic, Playing Your Game Baby. What follows is a funky tune called Walkin' Down The Trail. The next song is a slow jam called Waking Next To You. I was inspired by the Isley Brothers' slow jams for this one. 

The next tune is a cover version of  Robert Palmer's first hit Every Kinda People. Then it's an upbeat soul classic by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes called Tell The World How I Fell About 'Cha Baby. My version is a Wes Montgomery meets Philly disco! This is followed by the tune that made smooth jazz hip, What You Won't Do For Love by Bobby Caldwell, the blue eyed soul master. The last tune is called Out Of The Sun. The original cover art was created and drawn by my daughter Jocelyn LeSaux. This is our first father / daughter musical collaboration! 

While We're Young
I released a solo jazz guitar cover of the Wes Montgomery classic While We're Young. The song was originally penned by Alec Wilder and released in 1961 on the Wes Montgomery So Much Guitar release. On my version I stayed close to the Wes Montgomery arrangement but added some rotary speaker in parallel to the Fender Tweed amp sound for a lush sound. I played this on my Epiphone Dot. 

This Christmas
I finally recorded and released a holiday tune! I decided to cover This Christmas by Donny Hathaway which is one of my all time
 holiday songs. I recorded a smooth jazz version which isn't much of a stretch since this is such a jazzy song. The horns were a challenge to get just right but I'm happy with the way they sound. Check out the song page here.

New Download Section
I've added a new download section with free MP3 files of tunes that never made it to an album release. The first one posted is my cover of Freddie King's Hide Away. Check it out! 

Fusebox Album Release
Daniel LeSaux's latest release Fusebox now available at all major on-line retailers. 

This is a collection of all original jazz / fusion / funk tunes in a variety of jazz-fusion styles showcasing Daniel's guitar playing backed up by keyboards, drums, bass and horns. This album was two years in the making. 

The title tune Fuse Box is a classic jazz-fusion bass riff. Blue Wires touts a soulful muted trumpet in unison with Daniel's guitar accompanied by a sustained horn section. 

Rheometer is driven by a funky, slapped bass riff while Daniel plays the melody in unison with saxophone. Strain Relief keeps a slow syncopated riff with a darker guitar tone. Transfer Switch drives a classic fusion style riff with a thick ARP 2600 patch reminiscent of Weather Report. 

Romex has a triplet feel bass riff that pumps along while Daniel plays the melody accompanied by alto saxophone. Low Voltage wanders into smooth jazz territory with Daniel playing a clean Fender Stratocaster to slow things down a bit. Auxiliary Contact has a fretless bass melody and a soaring guitar solo akin to an 80s power ballad. High Tension and Short Circuit are two classic fusion tunes with odd time signatures.

The album took on an electrical theme which made sense because of the album title. Enjoy!