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Smooth As A Moose
Smooth As A Moose
Currently laying down tracks for my new project Smooth As A Moose. It's an Acid Jazz project featuring my new cherry red, Epiphone Dot. It's a mix of funk, R&B and disco tunes with plenty of horn and string arrangements.

The first track is a cover of Bobby Caldwell's What You Won't Do For Love. I've since recorded five more tracks. It's all coming together nicely! Check out my latest track Andréa here. Also just completed a new disco track called Kancamagus Cruisin'.

The original cover art was created and drawn by my daughter Jocelyn LeSaux. This is our first father / daughter musical collaboration! Check in to see progress. 

This Christmas
I finally recorded and released a holiday tune! I decided to cover This Christmas by Donny Hathaway which is one of my all time
 holiday songs. I recorded a smooth jazz version which isn't much of a stretch since this is such a jazzy song. The horns were a challenge to get just right but I'm happy with the way they sound. Check out the song page here.

New Download Section
I've added a new download section with free MP3 files of tunes that never made it to an album release. The first one posted is my cover of Freddie King's Hide Away. Check it out! 

Fusebox Album Release
Daniel LeSaux's latest release Fusebox now available at all major on-line retailers. 

This is a collection of all original jazz / fusion / funk tunes in a variety of jazz-fusion styles showcasing Daniel's guitar playing backed up by keyboards, drums, bass and horns. This album was two years in the making. 

The title tune Fuse Box is a classic jazz-fusion bass riff. Blue Wires touts a soulful muted trumpet in unison with Daniel's guitar accompanied by a sustained horn section. 

Rheometer is driven by a funky, slapped bass riff while Daniel plays the melody in unison with saxophone. Strain Relief keeps a slow syncopated riff with a darker guitar tone. Transfer Switch drives a classic fusion style riff with a thick ARP 2600 patch reminiscent of Weather Report. 

Romex has a triplet feel bass riff that pumps along while Daniel plays the melody accompanied by alto saxophone. Low Voltage wanders into smooth jazz territory with Daniel playing a clean Fender Stratocaster to slow things down a bit. Auxiliary Contact has a fretless bass melody and a soaring guitar solo akin to an 80s power ballad. High Tension and Short Circuit are two classic fusion tunes with odd time signatures.

The album took on an electrical theme which made sense because of the album title. Enjoy!