Research Interests- Mammals of Sandstone Pavement Barrens

Independent Study with Erin Bradshaw and Jeff Blackburn

(Plattsburgh State University) 


Mid-aged Jack pine stand on the sandstone pavement barren.





Erin Bradshaw collecting saliva from Peromyscus spp. 




 Capillary tubes help to draw out the saliva from the mice for our gels to be run later.


Erin is weighing the animal with a Pesola spring scale.

Erin and her kit of equipment surrounded by huckleberry and blueberry bushes in the pine barren.



Jeff Blackburn examines a red-backed vole in his old growth Jack pine stand.

A closer look at the red-backed vole.

Jeff was investigating the differences in small mammal assemblages in old versus recently regrown stands following clearing. Here is a picture of a young regenerating pine stand on the flat rock.

Jeff recording metrics in his field notebook after a sampling period.

Jeff and Erin preparing samples for amylase electrophoresus.

Erin loading her salivary amylase gel.

Jeff using the applicator to stamp amylase gels with saliva.

Salivary amylase gel being run to determine species of mouse.