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TrashTracker: A smartphone app to monitor local trash patterns

SUNY Plattsburgh students in Population and Community Ecology this semester (spring 2013) embarked on a project to design, collect, promote, and analyze data derived from a citizen science project. After long debate, the class decided to consider humans as the population of choice and log their encounters with trash. The goal of the project is to better understand patterns of waste in our community and increase awareness, as well as share this information with those who maintain the refuse services in the area.

Students in class created a website, where you can learn more about the project!

Data for the project are available on the project website:

If you own a smartphone/Tablet, you can install the project once you have downloaded the Epicollect app for both iPhones and Androids. Instructions for install can be found here:
iPhone Install
Android Install

The students are working on their own webpage and promotional information, as they spread the word. Feel free to offer suggestions on questions via my email address dgarn001@plattsburgh.edu

For those WHO DO NOT HAVE A SMARTPHONE, the TrashTracker google form will prompt you to input responses to form questions and attach an email to mrklamay@gmail.com

Very excited to see this take off and hope we reap the benefits of a cleaner campus and city!