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Bird Strike Monitoring

As part of an EREN collaboration, I am working with Drs. Steve Hager and Brad Cosentino with other faculty and students to monitor bird collisions with windows and buildings across the country. The goal of the project being to inform architects and community planners to help mitigate avian losses due to window strikes, as a result of building design and surrounding landscaping.

The PIs on this project have created an all-inclusive webpage for the bird strike project with details on protocols, participants and GIS.

To facilitate the data collection with my students, I created a project entitled AvianStrike using the
Epicollect smartphone app.

Smartphone app to log AvianStrike data:
Enter data using the Epicollect smartphone app. Simply install the Epicollect app on your phone and on an Android phone use the phone's menu button to upload the project entitled AvianStrike. On an iPhone, simply install the app and go to the SETTINGS option, toggle UPDATE FORMS to ON, replace the demoproject email address with your email address, and click in the PROJECT window to type the NEW project AvianStrike. Project forms will load into your app. Be sure the main page shows you are working in the AvianStrike project. This app will allow you to reference your bird strike observations, link it to an image of the bird, and respond to questions that will help address the gender and age class aspects of the project goals.

the local  data from your phone to the epicollect AvianStrike project page  in order for the data to become part of the overall project. Syncing is often done in the ListEntries area.

To ACCESS the AvianStrike dataset , which has been collecting thus far using the app:

For more information on the project, contact Dr. Steve Hager      stevehager@augustana.edu
or Dr. Brad Cosentino         cosentino@hws.edu

and read their exciting and most recent manuscript (PLOS ONE) on the topic:

SUNY Plattsburgh campus map of building locations

For non-smartphone users, Click HERE to a google form to enter your data. If you have wifi access, then clicking the Show Location Information button before submit will populate Latitude, Longitude, and Accuracy cells at the top of the form (so no need to enter information in).