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Bioblitz 2015 Cadyville Recreation Park

Who: SUNY Plattsburgh's Wildlife club, faculty, students, and Plattsburgh community members

A BioBlitz is an event where a group of volunteers or students collaborates with experts -- both professional and amateur—to inventory as many species as possible present in a specified area over a 24 hour period.
The idea was pioneered by Peter Alden and Edward O. Wilson on 4th July 1998 when a team of scientists and naturalists identified over 1900 species at the Walden Pond Reserve outside Boston, MA.  

Where: Cadyville Recreation Park

Click HERE for a map of Cadyville Recreation Park to navigate the trail system.

When:                           April 26, 2015                    6AM-7:30PM

: We aim to start on long-term biogeodiversity monitoring project at Cadyville Recreation Park.

How: Use your smartphone to enter data HERE
Note: hitting the button to SHOW LOCATION INFORMATION on the form hyperlinked above adds lat/long & accuracy into the data form (no need to worry about logging location JUST HIT THAT BUTTON ON THE FORM)

Schedule of Events:

Suggested items for your day pack:
Smartphone, water, breakfast, snacks, lunch, field guides, binoculars, compass, loupe, GPS unit, notebook/writing utensil, bug spray, ruler for scale, camera.

Suggested attire: long pants, long-sleeve shirt, fleece, boots for muddy terrain.
: Ticks abound during this season!!!!

A shuttle
will be provided from the ACC to Cadyville Recreation Park. Shuttle aims to
leave Cadyville (at time selected in above schedule) and drop off at ACC, then return by end of break.

Hope to see you there!!