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News & Updates 

  • (4/09) Getting asked to write more and more special assignments, targeted calls and partner calls.
  •  (3/09) 6 Great Writing Tips article spotlighted here
  • (2/09) Created a "Latest Works" page with widgets displaying some of Dani's most current works.
  • (2/09) "How Singles Can Cope with Valentine's Day" article by Dani featured as a "Today's Highlight" for multiple days.
  • (1/09) Awarded a Top 1000 Content Producer Award for the second year in a row.
  • (1/09) Invited as a "high quality contributor" (writer) to participate in a "First 100 Days" project about President Obama's term. New articles with analysis of his first 100 days in office will be published regularly.
  •  (1/09) Became Contributing Editor for Mobile: iPhone channel (in addition to CE for Medical Science Channel)
  • (1/09) Discovered a listing for my AC work at Daylife. They list 'high quality producers of news and information across the web' in their directory. Thank you,!
  • (1/09) Discovered that Demand Studios not only published one of my articles in their eHow site, but also in their Answerbag site (offers 'expert' answers). Thank you, Demand Studios!
  •  Designed a blog update widget and created a Facebook group for 'The Greek Goddess of Men's Facial Hair'.
  • (12/2008) New Category: Holiday and Special Occasion category in Published Works
  • (12/2008) Contacted by Swerve (grooming tool) Co-Founder with offer for free product and contest for readers.
  • (12/2008) More holiday (and other) articles published. 
  • (11/2008) Multiple holiday (and other) articles published. Check them out across various categories in "Published Works"
  • (11/2008) "Daniella Nicole" mini site on "MillionWord" site expanded to "MillionWorDimension" sister site. Additional words, links added to include other Daniella Nicole site and blogs.
  • (10/2008) An Atom/Edge Gel rep contacted Daniella about a contest for her Greek Goddess of Men's Facial Hair blog readers.
  • (9/2008) Newly appointed to a Contributing Editor position.
  • (9/2008) Brought "Beginning Write" blog out of hiatus.
  • (9/2008) The book for which Dani is a contributing author is published. "Meeting Your Match Online". Review or order it here.
  • (8/2008) Reviews posted on Dani's "The Review Niche" blog have been purchased. Those and all future reviews will appear elsewhere. Links will be posted here in the 'Reviews' section of 'Published Works'. The Review Niche blog has therefore been shut down.
  • (7/2008)A Schick rep contacted Daniella about a freebie for her Greek Goddess of Men's Facial Hair blog readers.
  • (7/2008) NEW How-To Series for Software on eHow (by Dani)


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