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About Daniella Nicole

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Daniella Nicole is a  freelance writer with skills and experience spanning multiple genres. She has been responsible for producing web content, university online course segments, website revisions and creation, articles for online and print publications, reviews, how-tos, business plans, business proposals, presentations, interviews, essays, short stories, poetry, songs, blogs and much more. 

Daniella Nicole is a contributing author of a book that has been published, "Meeting Your Match Online"

She is a contributing editor for medical science; diet, nutrition & healthy eating; fitness; personal finance; and investing channels. She is the former contributing editor for a mobile:iPhone channel.

Daniella Nicole's education and background primarily revolve around finance, housing and consumer issues; but she can effectively research and write about a plethora of other topics as well - as evidenced by her extensive list of Published Works. These topics include, but are not limited to, Home & Garden; Dating & Relationships; Parenting; Food, Dining & Entertainment; Going Green; Health and Fitness; and News, Politics and Current Events.

Daniella Nicole possesses a Master Certification in English Vocabulary. She has also completed and successfully passed ("A") AP Editing coursework and exams. Dani has experience in business ownership, counseling, office management and beta testing.

Dani's latest and most relevant works to the current season, holiday or events are listed in News and Updates.

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The 'Dani: Greek Goddess of Men's Facial Hair' website and blog were spawned from a running joke amongst her friends, but became a phenomenon.  Merchandise and an affiliate store with men's grooming products are pending.

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Click here to view Daniella's contributions to a "First 100 Days"project covering President Obama's term.

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